So you’ve decided on a pair of Sticks and Sparrows

The diagram below illustrates how frame measurements are taken and will provide guidance to give to ensure the best fit for your face.


This information helps to specify the size of your sunglasses; the lens diameter, the lens height, the bridge width and the side or arm length, all measured in millimetres.

The frame width measures the length of the top of the frame from hinge point to hinge point which indicates how wide the frame will sit on your face.

The lens width is the width of the lens (in mm), measured from the bridge and is determined by the shape and size of the frame.

The lens height is the vertical measurement that indicates the height of the lens. The lens height combined with the lens width will estimate the overall size of the lens. This ultimately impacts the look and level of protection.

The bridge width is the gap above your nose between the lenses. It’s important that this is comfortable – too tight, and the glasses could pinch your nose; too loose and the glasses won’t be stable on your face.

The temple length measures the length of the side arm. The temple should be long enough to sit comfortably over your ears but not too long so that it sits uncomfortably.